When you find out the answer let me know


Ah, massage.  I realize most people think of them as a time to unwind and relax. However, it is a rare occasion in which I can enjoy a relaxing massage without going into some in depth, spiritual exchange with the massage therapist.  I have tried, it just does not work out.

Perhaps I should just commit to silence and before the appointment and then schedule time for coffee and conversation with the massage therapist later?  Worth a shot.

So, it’s this phenomenon people experience that was the topic of discussion during my last visit.  I call it self neglect. It’s amazing, because I’m sick with the flu as I write this, and I’ve been noticing all the things my body does all on its own to heal itself–create a high body temperature to get rid of infection, cough to release phlegm. ..and I watch people around me doing things to directly go against any healing of the body, like smoking, for example.

I am not exempt from this, mind you.  I keep having my hip worked on the massage table because I’m not really good about doing the stretches the physical therapist recommended some time ago. I tell the masseuse I have been lazy, and she will need to work the spot.

And so this question gets posed on the table, “Why is it so difficult for us to do things that are self enhancing and good for us?”

And the enlightened masseuse replies, ” If my bike looked like Philly cheese steak I would be in the best shape ever. I don’t get it either.”

So, now both of us are stumped.

Believe it or not, wisdom sometimes comes from the most unlikely places.  And I have to say, if there is one nugget of truth I learned from my eighth grade Algebra teacher, it is this:

“People don’t want to do what’s good for them.”

He says if it has a warning labels somewhere on it that it will kill you, this is what people will want to do.


Now, you have to understand my 8th grade Algebra teacher to get a full appreciation of what’s being stated here. Dude looks like he came straight out of central casting for 80’s pimp. Mid height textured fro, silver satin shirt unbuttoned revealing gold chains.  Shiny rings on every other finger, gold capped teeth, and a jeweled money clip. He would always make sure to flash all the one hundred dollar bills so everyone could see during the class.

I’m writing this now and it seems so bizarre.  But yes, this was my 8th grade teacher.  He ran a very ghetto night club.  This club had a reputation, even in those days–I mean, this is a place in which people lost their lives. . .

And it would close, and open up again under a different name over time as some clubs do when terrible things happen. The last I heard, the club actually offered a “Food Stamp Friday” promotion.


I am not sure if teach actually still owns this club, hopefully he has moved on to better things?  I just think, wow, how did this man end up in the classroom teaching impressionable, young children.  Amazing.

At any rate, he was on to something.  It’s crazy because if someone were in my care, like a child, or even an animal, I would make sure that all healthy things were theirs every day.

So, why do I chose not to do healthy things for myself every day?  (Like get enough sleep for example?)

Does anyone know the answer to this question?  Does Tony Robbins?  Deepak Chopra? Oprah?



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