Me and sage



It happened again today.  First time in four years. 

I checked into a hotel.  Got somewhat settled, noticed a strong vibe, and had to check out after an hour of trying to convince myself the room is fine and I need to get over it.  Besides, who wants to pack up all the crap to move?


The first time it happened I was in Iowa.  The hotel was fine.  It was clean, but not the nicest.  But that’s ok.  I mean, I have stayed at some very questionable hotels.  The very worst was a motel in Iowa after the flood.  It was the only room I could find due to people who had lost their homes staying in hotels, and construction workers and engineers being bused in.

The room was so horrible I did not even turn off the lights.  I refused to get in the bed.  And bathing was certainly out of the question.  I just dosed off in a chair and convinced myself I would be fine in the morning. . .and I was.  It seems as if nothing but rough truck drivers and their shady counterparts stayed here.  So yuck.

Well, this other hotel was not like this.  It just had a vibe.  I walked into the room and there was a recognition.  It was just so loud and so clear to me–something went down in that room.  Something very terrible and significant. This was further confirmed by uncontrollable itching I experienced during my one hour stay in that place.

I didn’t even explain anything to the dude at the front desk.  I just called a different hotel and got the hell out.

And today, I kept telling myself to just chill, everything is fine.  And after about an hour of trying to make myself feel comfortable, I could no longer fight it and decided to leave.  I tried to ignore it, but it just kept bothering me.  So, I just told the girl at the front apparently I’m allergic to something in the room.

I learned about sage last year.  It’s just a way of cleaning and clearing the energy around you. I have now made it a tradition to sage my hotel room before I settle in. It makes me feel better when making my home for the night. . .or nights.

I have been told that burning sage smells like pot.  I do not know, or care for that matter.  So far no one has come knocking on my hotel door requesting to search the room for pot.  And I always burn incense in my hotel room as well.  Just makes it feel like home.

The car.  Well. . .I should have taken fire safety before saging the car.  I thought I would be efficient and save time and burn the sage while driving slowly to the post office.  Well, that was pure genius.  Even with the window rolled down, there was smoke whirling all throughout the front seat, with me coughing, head out the window trying to breathe. . . .

and then flickers of burning sage landed in the back seat. . .so now i have a hole in the back seat of my car. 

Don’t sage and drive. Take a bowl or something with you to collect sage pieces when you sage the car, when it is in parked.

I’m now all settled in my new hotel room.  I feel as if I can breathe now, and move, and be comfortable. 

So happy I moved on. . .



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  1. I agree with you 100 percent. I consider myself a bit sensitive to things like this. We rented a town home and the upstairs guest bathroom always gave me a bad vibe, it was easy to figure out the story. I told my husband boyfriend at the time, that some woman was beaten up here and she would lock herself in that bathroom. When he asked for proof all I had were a few marks that looked like the door had been pried open and some point.

    A long time later we were talking with the neighbors about things when the topic of the people who lived in the town home before us came up. The wife was saying how abusive the boyfriend was and how she once tried to reach out to the woman but she refused playing the cuts, bruises etc on the stairs or an accident. It was then that I knew, and I’ll never forget my husbands look of horror as he realized that for the last 2 years what I was saying was true.

    A year later we moved out. We had a month in a half in between the two places. We moved everything over to the new place, and worked on going through the things we didn’t want and cleaning. My dog wears a collar that jingles in the empty town home that was our home for 3 years I was going over and picking up stuff and cleaning after work, I kept hearing the jingle. It would catch me off guard and I would expect Cleo to be running up the stairs to me, even though I knew she was at our new place.

    I really hope that the people that moved in there next heard the jingle and didn’t feel the abuse that happened prior to us living there.

    Things, vibes stick. They stick to walks like syrup, imprinting forever. We recently had some issues with the place we just recently rented and saged the house. I think we will be doing that from now on as well.

    • OMG Libby, what an amazing story. It’s so amazing how energy lingers. Although there are some historic sites I would like to visit like Holocaust museum for example, I really wonder if it would be too much for me.
      Before moving here I actually had house blessings, calling in someone to bless the space for me, but now I just sage it myself. I do this every time I stay at a hotel, which is pretty often, but I have to feel safe in it, even if it is only for one night.

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