City of surprises



It seems as if I am behind in life.  Like I’m trying to catch up with things that other people do or understand earlier than I have.  I try not to be down on myself about it, after all, I had no control over my limited exposure in my formative years.

I have not been extremely fond of my understanding of “American culture,” and I’m finding out quite quickly that I don’t know  what American culture really is.  It just seems so broad. . .or something.

I understand I was born and raised in the states, however my experience has been very limited with most of my time in the Southeastern USA–mainly Alabama.  And my Bama experience is not a complete reflection of what life is like here in the states. . .I don’t know America.

So, my visit to Kansas City was such a huge surprise to me.  I have heard of people saying that midwesterners are “good” and “honest” people.  A line in Rich Mullins song, “Hard” comes to mind, “I am a good midwestern boy, I give an honest day’s work when I can get it.  I don’t cheat on my taxes, don’t cheat on my girl, I got values that would make the White House jealous. . .”

And you know what, props to KC.  This is what I noticed:

  • People are friendly and polite.  I mean, they let you pass in the hallways if you need to.
  • People let you change lanes in traffic.  It blows my mind!  I even changed lanes without need just to see if someone will let me over, and they do it every time.  And every single time it freaks me out, and I go through this “OMG, I cannot believe this statement every single time it happens.”
  • In business, it seems people don’t say more than what is necessary.  I like this. It seems rather drama free and to the point
  • Seems that everything is geared towards quickness and efficiency (I found that out as soon as I stepped inside the airport)
  • They don’t take my housekeeping tips in the hotel room unless I leave a note.  So, when I left a note telling them it was a tip, they left me a note back thanking me for it 🙂 How cute!
  • The parking is free in the parking garages.  I kept looking for places to pick up my ticket but could never find it, and then posted something on Yelp and locals told me yeah, it’s free.  What is this??!!  What???!!
  • The fashion of course is different than what I am used to.  Young dudes tend to have beards. I mean, it’s like the norm.  Dark rimmed glasses, sweat shirts , jeans, cross body bag, and beard.
  •  Not a lot of jewelery or accessories on the females. However I did notice a disturbing trend of severe chunking highlights and way too many Vera Bradley backpacks
  • There seems to be a lot of investment in the local community in agencies that assist others

I have been told the shady side of KC is really on the Kansas side.  This whole KC, Missouri, KC, Kentucky is really confusing to me.  At first I thought it was a city that just happened to be located on state lines, however, I was quickly informed that KCMO and KCKS are very different cities, and there can even be some rivalries between them.

I had a fantastic time in KC– I really look forward to returning and spending some more time exploring.  The KC Yelp community has been so welcoming and helpful in directing me to where I need to go.  I was not aware that KC is actually the “city of fountains,” and it has been said only Rome has more.

I hate I missed Anthony Bourdaine’s special on KC.  I am sure there has to be a way for me to see it.  Only I’m guessing it involves a lot of BBQ?  What about BBQ tofu?  Hmmmm.

So, many surprises and many more to come from this surprising city!


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  1. Rhea! I have no added KC to my vacation list! It seems so fantastic. It feels amazing to go out into the world and explore after being held inside a bubble! I cant wait for you to visit san fran then blog about it! I will be anxiously waiting for that post : ) miss you xoxo

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