My theory of Kansas City


So, I will be commuting to Kansas City for work this month.  To be clear, I have never been to this area–the closest is Springfield and Branson, MO–Las Vegas for seniors. I did not get to spend much time there because of an approaching snow storm–so basically, I flewImage in, quickly arranged to get out, and left the next morning.

While on the flight to KC, I thought it might be fun to write out how I think the city might be, and then compare it to what I actually observe.  This is what I know of KC at this point:

1.  The state of KS is referenced in the movie, “Wizard of Oz”

2.  Kansas and the Midwest is known for flat land and tornadoes

3.  KC has a Yelp community manger, so it has to be a cool place

So, not a lot of reference or knowledge at all.  This is what I think KC will be like:

  • Conservative, slow pace
  • I think people may be friendly, but long winded
  • Style.  Plain Jane, minimal styling, jewelry, accessories, and cosmetics
  • I feel I will not get the humor here
  • I feel accents will be non-distinguishable (not heavy in any particular direction)
  • I think it will be more progressive than states I have visited in the deep south

These are the thoughts in my mind about Kansas City now. . .I’ll write a month from now to let you know if my theory is correct or not.

This is what I love most about traveling. . .fascinating stuff.


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  1. I always thought it was weird that Kansas City isn’t in Kansas.

    Kansas CIty is supposed to be pretty progressive. They have one of the top 15 Art colleges in the country so there is supposed to be a very atsy area there.

    • Yes, I have heard that as well. I am also looking forward to seeing Anthony Bourdain’s journey through KC as well. I believe it airs tonight.

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